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XCMG Construction Machinery Co.,ltd

Xuzhou, Jiangsu 221000

Tel: 8651683052617
Fax: 8651687763896

Contact: Daniel Liew, EXPORT DEPT.
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Type of Business: Manufacturer, Exporter
Employees: 20000
Year Established: 1992
Certification: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011
Annual Sales Volume: greater than $500M
Export Percentage: 41-60%
Annual Purchasing Volume: greater than $500M
Contract Manufacturing: OEM Services Offered
Harmonized System Codes: 8426

Business Message

Ever since its establishment in March 1989, XCMG has always been the leader of China's construction machinery industry. At present, XCMG ranks in the Top 7 in the global construction machinery industry, 123th of Top 500 enterprise in China, and 53th of Top 500 manufacturing industry in China. XCMG is a large-scale enterprise group in China's construction machinery industry, with the largest scale and most diverse series of products. The annual operating income of XCMG has increased to $66 billion in 2010 from 386 million Yuan since its foundation, ranking Top 1 in China's construction machinery industry.

XuZhou Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is the main part of XCMG. It is specialized in the development and manufacture of Tower Crane. We are the professional Tower Crane manufacturer which is appointed by the construction department. We have more than 500 employees, and adopts module administration. We have the capability of producing more than 2000 large and middle-scale tower cranes for annual output. The products feather advanced technologies and CAD&PRO/E is perfectly used, so we can exploit series tower cranes and design special products to satisfy different requirement of our customers. The most advanced key requipments are imported to our company, to guarantee the quality of product. The company keeps improving the quality administration system on the basis of GB/T9001. We past the quality system certification ISO9001-94 in 1994, ISO9001-2000 in 2004, ISO9001-2008 in 2009, and also we achieve CE certificate. We were tated as "Manufactues License of Special Equipment" certificate for Crane Equipment Install Intelligence" and "Certificate for Credible Enterprise of Quality".

"XCMG" series products include construction machineries: Tower Crane and SC-Series Construction Hoist, and port Machinery: HGQ-Series Electric Stationary Crane, Tower Crane Series contains P7525, QP125, QP100, Q400D, QD228, QD160, QTZ400, QTZ280, QTZ220, QTZ220A, F0/23B, F0/23C, H3/36B, QTZ160, QTZ160A, QTZ125, QTZ125A, QTZ80, QTZ63, QTZ63B, QTZ63E, QTZ40, QTZ40D: Hydraulic jack-up tower crane can be operated on fixed foundations, railway, and be attached to buildings, the jib length could be designed according to customer's requirements, the max jib length is 75m, and the max load is 20t; And SC-Series Construction Hoist: SC200/200. Rated load is 2t, operating speed is 28m/min~38m/min. After adding the VVVF speed regulation function and PLC control procedure especially, can realize the merits such as 0-68m/min free speed regulation and automatically choose storey, even storey etc. To have already satisfied the different need of customers. All the products has been tested by inspection organization, and was given the title of "Jiang Su province quality trustworthy product"; "nationwide quality trustworthy product" by Chinese quality inspection Guide; "The quality and stability of qualified products" and" State quality inspection of qualified products", "XCMG" are widely used in the construction fields such as tenements, buildings, bridges, etc. The products have been sold throughout the country, and exported to United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Iran, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia, Angola, Mauritius, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, India, Vietnam, Singapore, Pakistan, and Algeria and so on. The sales amount is about 0.4 billion Yuan and the export amount is near 0.15 billion Yuan.

Xuzhou Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Carries on the policy of "Building name brand and offering satisfying products for customers". To create value together with the principle of people oriented is the everlasting spirit of our company. We spare no efforts to satisfy our customers, enhance the quality of products and service, and develop perfect relationships with customers. Xuzhou Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Would dedicate all the enthusiasm to your business.

We wish your business would become more and more prosperous.


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